When I complained of boredom as a kid, my dad always responded: "Go write a story." And that's what I've been doing ever since.

I graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin with a bachelors degree in journalism (news editorial and public relations sequences) and French. After a few years working as a newspaper reporter, I turned to corporate writing and editing, where I  built a career for 10 years. Always honing my craft, I then turned to screenwriting, blogging and consulting.

From 2012 - 2015, I lived abroad with my family in the Netherlands. My most recent articles have been published on Expatica, the premier site for English-speaking expatriates and internationals across Europe.

In June 2016, I completed a very personal 2-year project: co-writing and publishing my father's Vietnam War memoir.
I am available for writing, editing and teaching. Contact me at brookemillerhall@gmail.com.

Screenplay loglines

My Own Time Machine
12-year-old boy time travels to see his deceased grandfather – and now he must figure out how to get back home without changing the future (cowritten by Amy Gangl).

Jim and Jane
The true story of a spunky caregiver who helps a reclusive, depressed WWII Air Force veteran realize his dream of flying one last time (cowritten by Amy Gangl). 

Babymoon Blues
A woman races across the country to reclaim her self-respect—and the dream vacation her husband and his pregnant girlfriend are trying to steal  (cowritten by Amy Gangl).

Corporate writing samples

Corporate blog posts

Ghostwritten articles about insurance

College bound? Do your homework on insurance
846 placements in print and online publications June-November 2010, which would have cost more than $260,000 if purchased as advertising

Four smart home and auto insurance tips for seniors
845 placements in print and online publications June-October 2010, which would have cost more than $180,000 if purchased as advertising

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